US Government’s New Free Weight Loss Tool

There are lots of overweight people in America. In fact around 77 million of us are overweight or actually obese.

The US government is giving you a new weapon for your weight loss arsenal.

It’s a new calculator that uses a precise mathematical model and up-to-date weight loss information to not only tell you how much weight you need to lose, but to help you lose it too.
Kevin Hall PHD created the tool. He said “We originally intended the Body Weight Planner as a research tool, but so many people wanted to use it for their own weight management that we knew we needed to adapt it with more information about how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.”

The tool is free to use, gives you an accurate assessment of what your goal weight should be and then gives you tips and advice tailored to your lifestyle to help you reach that goal.

Go have a look now. It’s a really nice tool and free to use.