Evidence That Drinking Green Tea Really Helps With Weight Loss

Evidence That Drinking Green Tea Really Helps With Weight Loss

Samantha Rees from Manchester, UK is giving credit to green tea for her stunning weight loss. Rees lost 108 pounds in a little over one year and says she only started to lose weight quickly when she started drinking green tea, right around 2000 cups of it.

Rees admits that she had a terrible diet, buttery toast, chips, biscuits and pizza were some of her staples. She changed all that and began to eat a more healthy diet but her weight loss progress was very slow.

Green Tea Gave Her the Jump Start She Needed

Then a friend told her that green tea would boost her metabolism and help to stave off hunger. She started to drink it and stuck with her new diet and … yes, she started to lose weight, fast.

samreesebeforeThe claims assessor from Salford, Greater Manchester, is now a size 10. She said that before her dramatic weight loss and at her “most unhealthy” she would have numerous cups of milky tea with sugar each day.

“And I’d always dunk a couple of biscuits in there, too,” she added.

“People told me green tea is a ‘superfood’ that boosts metabolism and staves off hunger pangs. I always thought that was just a myth – but I was so desperate to lose weight I decided it was worth a go.

“I thought it was one of those crazy fads that people get obsessed with – but for me, it really worked. Some people swear by eating five portions of fruit and veg a day – for me, it’s drinking nine cups of green tea.”

samreesebeforeafterRees, who became a mum at just 15, has always struggled with her weight and believes that the dread of her expanding waistline led her to gorge herself on fatty and sugary treats.

She said: “I was a young mum, but it left my body unlike other girls my age. I was around a size 18 and weighed almost 15 stone by the age of 18.

“I hated my body and couldn’t pull off the extra weight because I was so petite. But feeling miserable about the way I looked only made me want to eat more.”

Now Rees finally has the body she longed for and swears the healthy tea is the key to her weight loss.

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I’ve drank green tea for years and I’m positive it helps me not pile on pounds after I just have to gorge on a pile of delicious vegeterian Indian food. I’m happy to have my views on green tea validated, again. And in such a good way.

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