Losing Weight Doesn’t Have to Squeeze Your Pocket Book

Losing Weight Doesn’t Have to Squeeze Your Pocket Book

Some Pretty Good Ideas On Losing Weight Cheaply

Eating healthy meals and working out doesn’t have to be horribly expensive. With a little care and attention you can slim down without breaking the bank.

Here’s some ideas on cheap ways to eat and get fit.

From boutique gyms to home-delivered meals, weight loss products can cost a lot of money.

According to 2014 research out of Duke University’s medical school, consumers spend, on average, anywhere from $70 per pound lost using Weight Watchers to $248 per pound using commercial drug Orlistat.

But you don’t need to spend so much to slim down. With these tips, you can lose weight on the cheap, without the costly products.

Eat Healthy for Less

1. Commit to eating at home.

Eating at Home is Fun ... and Cheaper

Eating at Home is Fun … and Cheaper

Unless you’re eating caviar and prime rib daily, you can save money and cut calories by avoiding restaurants.

According to a review of 29 studies, the more you eat out, the more calories you are likely to consume, with an average of 35 percent of adults’ calories coming from commercial food.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the average meal at a full-service restaurant costs $9 to $11, but the average meal at home is $3.60 on the most generous budget.

2. Buy Staples In Bulk.

Beans and brown rice are both good sources of fiber, which helps keep you feeling fuller longer and may help curb snacking. Both staples also happen to be much cheaper when you buy in bulk. Buying the dried versions, you’ll spend 60 cents to 70 cents per pound, compared with $1 to $2 for a standard can of beans or $2 to $4 for a pre-seasoned box of rice.

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