Simple Weight Loss … For Women

Simple Weight Loss … For Women

"You probably don’t believe this right now but losing weight, even a lot of weight, is really not that hard to do."

The key is to never diet like a man!

I’m Sarah Gardner and I know that losing weight can be pretty simple because I’ve done it. Three years ago now I lost over 40 pounds using an Idiot Proof Diet.

When it comes to losing weight women have a serious disadvantage when compared with men.

Yes, it’s true. By a quirk of nature women have a much more difficult time losing weight than men do.

But, and this is really important, it doesn’t have to be this way. Today I’m going to tell you about a simple breakthrough in female weight loss that will allow you to lose body fat very quickly …

You can increase your female metabolism … dramatically

Start using this simple weight loss tactic today and you can expect to lose up to 3 dress sizes by next week. I know that sounds impossible, but just keep reading and I’ll show you just how easy it is to do.

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I’m also going to show you how you can use this breakthrough tip to not only drop 3 dress sizes but to lose them while eating the foods you love the most.

And that’s how simple this Idiot Proof Diet really is. No fuss, no muss, no starvation or anything special you have to buy.

This is really new

You probably think that you’ve heard it all when it comes to weight loss. Been there, done that. But this simple strategy is something you’ve never seen before. And it really is amazing.

And listen. Before we go on let me assure you that this has absolutely nothing to do with funny berries, cardio or those goofy exercise machines that people usually use to hang their pajamas on.

This is truly the Idiot Proof way to lose weight

This painless approach to weight loss was developed by a guy named John Barban. He was actually working to develop effective weight loss supplements when discovered this simple fat burning secret.

This is what he said about his discovery in his own words:

“I was doing extensive research on female metabolism when I stumbled upon something so shocking, and so ground-breaking that I knew it could help make fat burning easier for women forever…”

John’s research was centered around finding a way to help someone very close to him … his sister, Lisa.

John loves Lisa dearly. And Lisa had a problem with her weight. A problem that nothing – no diet, no exercise program – had any positive effect on. I spoke with John after I lost over 40 pounds using his strategy and this, briefly, is what he had to say about his motivations for developing this fantastic weight loss program.

  • John has multiple degrees, certifications as well as years of experience in the field of human physiology but he was unable to help his dear sister Lisa. A sister who looked after him when they were kids and as John says, “Is the most important woman in my life”.
  • John couldn’t help Lisa because all of the very effective programs he had developed to that point were developed for men. They didn’t work well for women and didn’t work at all for his sister Lisa.
  • John has determined that his family has what is commonly known as “bad genetics”. John had trouble with his weight until he developed a program, a program for men, that worked for him. Lisa also had trouble with her weight but after she had her daughter, Paige, she ballooned up to over 200 pounds. John was determined to help her, and he did. He developed a new program, a program for women, that allowed Lisa to lose 53 pounds and an astonishing 12 dress sizes in just under 5 months.
  • And John now reports that Lisa, who was embarrassed and depressed and emotionally distraught because she was so heavy has had not only a physical transformation but a personal transformation as well. She is now the proud and beautiful woman that she was always meant to be.

Now this is the really important information … the information that has a direct effect on your weight loss

There is one hormone … just one … that controls 100% of a your body’s ability to burn off fat.

That hormone is called Leptin

So how does Leptin work? I wanted to know so I asked John to explain it to me. The basics are pretty simple really.

If the Leptin in your body is at a high level it speeds up your metabolism and tells your body to burn fat. Low levels of Leptin do the opposite, they signal your body to start storing fat.
But, and this is the surprising part.

Recent research shows that women naturally carry twice as much fat burning Leptin in their body than men do.

That’s good news right!

Well, of course it is but there’s some other news to go along with it that explains why women can have so much more trouble burning fat compared to men, even though their Leptin levels are naturally higher.

  1. Many women, perhaps most women, can be up to 3 times LESS responsive to the signals to start burning fat generated by Leptin.

    What does this mean? It means that even though women have much more Lepton than men their body does not use it efficiently to burn fat.

    This is a condition called “Leptin Resistance” and it’s characterized by the spongy almost cottage-cheese looking fat you see on certain areas of your body.

  2. Women also have a second problem with Leptin.

    When woman diet their Leptin levels can drop twice as far and twice as fast compared to men.

  3. This causes your metabolism to slow to a crawl and weight loss stops. You’ve hit another frustrating weight loss plateau.

    Do you gain most or even all of the weight you’ve lost almost immediately after stopping a diet?

    That’s a sure sign that your Leptin level dropped while you were dieting, slowing your metabolism and causing fat to be stored on your body even though you’re eating very little.

Now, I just want to recap. As a women you have two unique problems not faced by men

Problem #1 Even though you have more Leptin than men your body does not respond well to Leptin’s signal to burn off fat. This is like having your body’s master fat burning switch in the off position.

Problem #2 When you diet your Leptin levels drop dramatically. This slows your metabolism which results in those frustrating weight loss plateaus and rapid weight gain when you stop dieting.

These two problems combined make losing weight nearly impossible for you!

Fair or not, evolution has made it much more difficult for women to burn fat and lose weight

Your body is built to bear children and nurture children. Your body does not care that you want sexy curves and to look hot in a little black dress.

What it knows is that extra body fat will provide stored energy and extra warmth for the children you will bear.

That’s just how it is …

So what happens with your body’s Leptin after you’ve been pregnant?

They get a lot worse is what happens. And that’s what makes losing weight you’ve gained while pregnant can be so painfully difficult.

It’s not your fault that you have such difficulty losing weight. Your body is hard-wired to present you with a losing battle.

But there is good news

Remember you have twice as much Leptin as men do.

And that means you have the POTENTIAL to burn far more fat than a man does … it’s just a matter of knowing how!

So how is it done? How do you turn on your fat burning switch … and keep it on.

If you could do that can you imagine how much faster and easier it would be to fit into those skinny jeans and have the body you’ve always wanted?

There is a solution, a way to turn on your natural fat burning potential and keep it on. It’s called

Metabolic Override

and if you use it correctly it’s the Idiot Proof way to lose weight

What is Metabolic Override? It is a set of very simple, and very powerful, tactics that will finally allow you to unfetter the fat burning potential that your genetics have denied you for your whole life.

These unique tactics have transformed me, John’s sister Lisa and her friends … and now thousands of other woman have had the same results … life changing results.

So how can you use Metabolic Override to begin losing weight quickly and permanently?

That’s easy … Introducing …

Venus Factor

Venus Factor is designed to allow you to bring out the sexy goddess in you … to overcome your genetics and turn your body into a fat burning machine … and do it safely.

Venus Factor works:

  • Without a restrictive diet, eat the foods you love
  • Without treadmills, weights or any other contraptions
  • WITH your body so that you burn fat quickly and easily

This fat loss blueprint works with female genetics so that you simply lose weight even if you have a slow metabolism, a thyroid problem and even if you feel you have tried everything to lose weight.

This Idiot Proof diet is simple. You will not experience …

  • Irresistible food cravings
  • Those frustrating plateaus
  • Fatigue or diminished energy
  • Temporary weight loss with nasty rebound weight gain as the final result

Generic diets, diets that try to work for both men and women, have set you up for failure.
Your female metabolism needs a diet specifically designed for women.

What can you expect when you turn on your fat burning switch using Venus Factor

  • A hot, accelerated fat burning metabolism
  • Fast and permanent fat loss from troublesome areas like your hips, stomach, butt and thighs
  • An end to food cravings
  • No frustrating plateaus
  • Vastly increased energy and drive
  • Freedom to live your life the way you want to

The Venus Factor is really easy to use. It’s a 12 week plan that will show you exactly how to get a super fat burning metabolism, step by step. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  • Surprising foods that will make you less sensitive to Leptin and make losing any weight at all almost impossible for a woman. You’ll see the weight fall off of you during the first two weeks just by staying away from these soy based and processed foods.
  • A neat food trick for women that will keep your Leptin level soaring so that you burn fat around the clock. Yes … even while you’re asleep.
  • The one vital nutrient that you, and almost all women, just don’t have enough of. Get more of this one simple nutrient and you’ll immediately increase your fat burning and your energy levels.
  • One kind of strange little herb, readily available, that has been proven to accelerate fat loss by increasing a women’s Leptin sensitivity by a massive 52%!
What I like best about Venus Factor

Well besides the fact that it helped me to lose over 40 pounds of very nasty fat what I like best about Venus Factor is the Virtual Nutritionist.

The VN will tell you exactly what to eat and when to eat it to strip fat away from your problem areas. Areas like your butt and thighs and belly. Honestly, I lost over 40 pounds with Venus Factor but I look like I lost 60 pounds, all because of the VN.

And here’s another thing I love about Venus Factor

It is very easy to use because there is no starvation with Venus Factor, unlike so many other diets I’ve tried. No, you eat well. And the program even has a place for favorite, read that as fattening, foods.

For me that favorite is chocolate. For you it might be pizza or ice cream or maybe a lovely plate of linguini accompanied by a glass or two of red wine. All of these have a time in Venus Factor and the Virtual Nutritionist will tell you exactly when.

There is simply no other program like this.

There are no tricks, no gimmicks, no pills. just a well researched, scientifically sound plan that works, and works fast.

Venus Factor is truly, truly Idiot Proof. You will lose weight with this plan and you’ll lose it quickly, easily and really, quite enjoyably.

I’ve rambled on long enough here, sorry about that but I love this program and I want to talk about it. But I’m sure you’re anxious to get on with losing some weight. Just click below to go to a short video on the nuts and bolts of Venus Factor, the Idiot Proof Diet.

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All the very best to you now, and in the future!

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John's sister Lisa. She couldn't get rid of pregnancy weight, until John set out to help her.

John’s sister Lisa. She couldn’t get rid of pregnancy weight, until John set out to help her.

This is Lisa after using the diet that John created for her.

This is Lisa after using the diet that John created for her.







Michelle, Age 33, weight lost 26 lbs.

Michelle, Age 33, weight lost 26 lbs.

Kelly, Age 26, weight lost 30 lbs.

Kelly, Age 26, weight lost 30 lbs.

Kassandra, Age 32, weight lost 38 lbs.

Kassandra, Age 32, weight lost 38 lbs.

Kimberley, Age 32, weight lost 38 lbs.

Kimberley, Age 32, weight lost 38 lbs.