Stress Makes it Harder For You to Lose Weight

Stress Makes it Harder For You to Lose Weight

Even the best diet plan requires you to have some degree of self-control. If you just have to eat a Big Mac, fries and a Sunday twice a day you will likely have some trouble time losing weight.

Relax … And Lose Weight

New research shows that stress, even moderate stress, makes it harder for you to say no to food that you may find comforting.

Typical scenarios for this effect are stress at work and at home. You’ve started a new diet, things are ticking along just fine and then that person at work (there’s always one) says something sarcastic to you at just the wrong time or you and hubby have a little disagreement about how your raising the kids. Instant stress, followed by poor food choices.

Scientists from the University of Zurich published new research that shows moderate levels of stress may have a negative effect on self-control when it comes to eating. After we’re put under pressure, we’re more likely to cave into our immediate cravings for junk food, rather than maintaining the willpower necessary to meet longer-term dietary goals.

It's difficult to give up comfort food when your stressed

It’s difficult to give up comfort food when your stressed

The research was conducted on 50 men. Women will be tested in a follow up study but the results are expected to be much the same.

These 50 guys were all trying to eat a healthy diet but admitted to a weakness for junk food.

The guys were all subjected to mild stress and then asked what they would like to eat after the testing was done.

… the stressed individuals were more likely to pick foods that they viewed as tastier, rather than healthier. The researchers also noticed that fewer parts of the pre-frontal cortex, which influences our ability to remain disciplined, lit up in the stressed participants.


Now remember, this reaction was brought on by mild stress. All the guys did was hold one hand in icy water for a short time and that was enough to bring on thoughts of comfort food. Your life probably has much higher stress levels and so you have a much stronger reason to turn to food you find comforting instead of food that is healthy.

Eliminating stress is just not a practical objective. You need to change your thinking when you are stressed. One very good way to do this is with self-hypnosis. It has worked very nicely for me and is really effortless. Go here to find lots of weight loss related self-hypnosis downloads.

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