Want to Lose Weight … You Probably Can’t Do It By Exercising

Want to Lose Weight … You Probably Can’t Do It By Exercising

According to this very learned lady, Rachele M. Pojednic PhD, exercise is a “torture regimen for people trying to lose weight.”

I have to agree with her. As I pointed out in this post on FitBits and Gym Memberships exercise really doesn’t work very well for losing weight.

Exercise is very good for toning and buffing a body that is carrying only a small amount of fat but it’s what you eat that really makes the differnce in weight loss.

While exercise does burn calories the fact is that most people just don’t get enough exercise to help much with weight loss.

Consider this quote from Calorie Burned.

The key factor affecting calories burned running a mile is your weight, with a lesser impacting factor of the speed, the greater your weight the more energy required for you to run a particular distance. A 150 pound person running a mile will burn between 100 – 120 calories, where as a 200 pound person running a mile will burn 135 – 155 calories.

Eat right ... lose weight. It's pretty easy really.

Eat right … lose weight. It’s pretty easy really.

A Big Mac with large fries feeds you a whopping 1040 calories. That’s right from McDonald’s themselves. You can see the calorie count for all their meals here. So if you do the math you can figure out about how far you have to run to burn off one Mcdonald’s lunch. It’s a lot easier, though maybe not as satisfying, to have a salad.

Ms. Pojednic went on to say this about exercise and weight loss:

Which is why people don’t do it (exercise). And if they do, they usually hate it. And then they stop. Because, for them, exercise has become just a necessary evil to drop a few pounds.

We know they stop because at any given time, only 20 percent of Americans are getting the recommended amount of exercise. That means 80% of adults are not getting even 30 minutes of exercise in their day (…and walking counts).

The fact that people hate exercise isn’t particularly shocking news. Since the dawn of love-handles, physical activity has been perceived as punishment for being overweight. Doctors shake their finger at chubby patients and tell them to go to the gym. Yet, the fitness industry is filled with scantily clad instructors and trainers, flaunting unattainable physiques, shaming the plus-sized masses into seclusion. Corporations fill the airwaves with muscled sweaty bodies, taunting stronger, better, faster, harder. It turns out that’s not doing anyone any good.

So don’t torture yourself. Exercise is very important for your health, to look good and feel great. But eat right to lose weight. The very best thing is to combine the two things. Great diet and great exercise too.

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