Yoga: Be All Flexy, and Lose Weight More Easily

Yoga: Be All Flexy, and Lose Weight More Easily

Yoga is really terrific for helping you to lose weight. With regular practice you can increase your metabolic rate, which burns more fat, and it reduces stress, so you have fewer junk food cravings, see this article to find out how that works.

Regular Yoga Practice Will Keep You Young … and Fit

Here are some details on how yoga can help you to lose weight.

Better posture and breathing also helps our metabolic rate and fat-burning capacity when exercising. Include the proven stress-reducing effects of yoga and we have a recipe for muscle strengthening and weight loss.

Yoga postures are essentially positions into which we wouldn’t normally place our bones, muscles and joints in everyday life.

Therefore, it represents a good stress challenge physically. This, in turn, evokes a positive response in circulation, muscle strength, release and length, hormonal balance and oxygenation through breathing.

yogawoman2Yoga includes great attention to breathing throughout exercises. It focuses on the present moment, and helps reduce stress responses, increasing the resilience that encourages us to maintain good habits.

Yoga has also been shown to alleviate insomnia, sleep issues, depression and lower back pain – all of these are known barriers to weight loss.

There is no doubt that we live in a society in which we are continually faced with stimuli that excite our nervous systems and push us towards more shallow and fast breathing. In stressful situations, our breathing becomes even more shallow without our even noticing.

This is the reason were should take deep breaths when stress, panicked or angry. You could even be holding your breath when concentrating or carrying out a task that requires deep concentration. A good start would be going through one day being ‘breath aware’. Then monitor how you feel at the end of the day.

It can’t be emphasized enough, how important ‘correct breathing’ is to your health and overall body fitness. Regulating breathing increases the flow of oxygen in the body so that chemical reactions can happen faster, you then burn fuel as calories at a higher rate. More oxygen in the blood means the pancreas needs to produce less insulin to transport sugar efficiently into the cells.

As insulin can make us store fat, calmer breathing helps with both blood sugar levels and our tendency to gain weight in the long term.

Ultimately, remember that practicing yoga little and often can have better effects than doing one intense class a week.

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