You Can Lose Weight For Your Wedding Day

For most of us getting married is a very big event. We want to look our best for all the people, and cameras, that have come to see us off on a life long journey.

This UK couple took trying to look their best very seriously. After Matt proposed to Brandy the couple decided they would try to lose a bit of weight before the big day. And they succeeded, big time!

Before and Happily Ever After

Together the couple dropped 133 pounds and do they ever look good. No word on how long it took them to lose that sort of weight but it doesn’t matter. They did it, and so can you.

The photos are by UK wedding Photographer Chris Fossey


Aren’t they gorgeous! Congratulations Matt and Brandy. Good one.


This beautiful couple said that all they did to lose so much weight was to be more aware of what they ate. Good advice we can all take.

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